Q: How can I find advice for travelling outside of Canada?

A: The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade provides essential information for Canadians abroad.

Q: How can I find advisories on food, drugs, medical services, and consumer products?

A: Health Canada provides valuable information and recommendations for Canadians.

Q: How can I find information on firearms possession and licensing?

A: Find information on firearms possession and licensing at the Canada Firearms Centre.

Q: How do I apply for a Passport?

A: Passport Canada provides Passports for Canadians.

Q: How do I contact another Member of Parliament?

A: Contact information for other Members of Parliament can be found on the Parliament of Canada website.

Q: How do I file my taxes online?

A: Information about Tax policy and submitting your Tax return is provided by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Q: How do I find a Postal Code online?

A: Posal Codes can be found online through Canada Post.

Q: How do I find information on a Bill currently being debated in the House of Commons?

A: The Parliament of Canada provides information on the activities of Parliament.

Q: How do I obtain a Social Insurance Number (SIN)?

A: Information on SIN eligibility and application is provided by Service Canada.

Q: How do I send my support to Canadian Troops overseas?

A: Messages for members of the Canadian Forces can be posted on an online forum at the Department of National Defence.