Press Release - Budget 2017

March 22, 2017

Martin Shields, Member of Parliament for Bow River, is disappointed for Canadians with the Liberal budget introduced in the House of Commons.

“The massive deficits that the Liberals have created are very concerning to me and to many constituents who have contacted my office. We should not be adding debt to our already maxed out credit card. We are leaving the bill to our children and our grandchildren” said M.P. Shields.

The budget continues to bury Canada in deficits that will take decades to pay off. It does not address numerous crises, such as the issue of high unemployment in Alberta, or the issues in our energy sector. This Liberal budget, in conjunction with the carbon tax they are imposing on our provinces, is in fact hurting small businesses as well as consumers. One aspect where there is some potential benefit to Western Canada is the promised review of rail service contained in the budget.

“The Liberals have raised or will raise a number of taxes like increasing the carbon tax, mandatory CPP payroll tax, higher taxes on alcohol and tobacco, EI premium hikes which will make it more difficult for people in Bow River and across Canada to get by. We need a budget that supports - not hinders - our small businesses in Bow River which include agricultural operations and the oil and gas sector. They are the heart of our rural economy, and I do not believe they received the tax relief they deserve in this Liberal budget” said M.P. Shields.

Despite frustration about the Liberal budget, M.P. Shields expressed his enthusiasm about continuing to stick up for hard-working taxpayers across Bow River, and to make sure their views are heard in Ottawa. “I look forward to helping our Conservative Party hold the Liberals accountable this year, in the face of massive debt and fiscal mismanagement” said M.P. Shields.