Canadians come together to support relief for those affected by wildfires in Fort McMurray

May 20, 2016

The wildfires have affected much land in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, with Fort McMurray as their focal point. Tens of thousands of Albertans, families with men, women, and children forced to flee their homes as the fires crept closer. Many homes and businesses burned to the ground, and some families have lost their homes, and their possessions. Animals were affected by the wildfires as well.

Despite all the carnage and the pain caused by these wildfires, the people of Alberta showed just how resilient they are in the face of the greatest challenges. That’s why I love being Albertan and Canadian. When the going gets tough, we really get together and support each other like members of a great extended family.

I had the great privilege of attending several fundraisers in places like Brooks, Chestermere, and Strathmore. All proceeds were to help with the relief work in Fort McMurray. I was touched that collectively, these fundraisers brought in over $100,000 dollars that will go to support the displaced families of Fort McMurray.

Gestures like these are a touching reminder that when one Canadian community is affected by a natural disaster, all Canadians feel connected.

I know that there have been several fundraisers in communities across Canada to raise funds for relief work in Fort McMurray. Here in Ottawa, many businesses and companies have been contributing, either by promoting the Red Cross fund for Fort McMurray, or by holding their own separate fundraisers.

As a politician, I can tell you that on occasions like these, we put our political differences aside and speak with one voice. We saw that here on Parliament Hill in the House of Commons, we saw it in the Alberta Legislature, and right across Canada. In a time like this, where so many Canadians have been affected by the wildfires, the people of Fort McMurray need to know that all Canadians are behind them. I think the generous response we have seen from across the country has demonstrated that this is very much the case.

The next step will be for the people of Fort McMurray to rebuild and make their community even stronger over the next while. I look forward to witnessing this renewal.

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